What is the price range of your services?

First we want to learn about your project. What problems are you trying to resolve, and do the solutions offered truly meet those needs? What is your budget? What are your time frame requirements? All of this requires careful listening, creative thinking, trust, patience, and teamwork. The end result from the process: You will know what your project will cost, how long it will take, and what it will look like.

Each individual project varies greatly based on client needs. Our free consultations will assess the pricing and timeframe of your project, as well as any additional work that may be needed, like drywall or stucco repairs.

Help! I'm not sure what color to pick.

We have just the thing to help you out! Sign up on our front page for your free color picking guide. We’ll walk you through the color picking process and link you to a color picker that changes the colors of photos you upload, so you can see your choices in action!

What is your process like?

At our first meeting we will listen to your ideas and help you prioritize your wants and needs. We will also evaluate the existing environment and how to incorporate your desired changes so that the end result will be a seamless transition from old to new.

We will then will prepare a detailed proposal and estimate for your repaint or renovation work that maps out the project from beginning to end and covers everything including demolition, framing, materials and final repaint. An approximate budget will be established, and it is at this point that adjustments may be made, in order to help ensure that you won’t face budget overruns at the end of the project.

Occasionally, design creativity and solution development may push the design in a different direction. This is when we need to review the budget and determine if we are still on track with budget expectations. This may be the time to make specific materials selections, such as cabinetry and counter tops.

We want to clarify what is important to you, so we will discuss details such as where the dumpster will be located, where materials will be stored, traffic flow, work hours, your family, the steps we will take to protect non-painted areas of your home from dust, and how you can safeguard your pets.

During this time we will schedule and begin to order materials and confirm lead times to make sure that materials are on-site in time. These steps are designed to help reduce the level of stress that you may experience during your renovation. During actual painting and renovation work, we believe that communication is essential. We’ll hold occasional snap-shot meetings with you throughout the duration of the project. Also a detailed agenda will be submitted as to upcoming payments, changes in selections (ig, color or materials) that need to be made, deadlines, and any questions or concerns you may have.