Mile High Painting in Prescott, AZ takes great care to make your deck looks and feel like new. Beneath the tarnish and pealing stain or paint lies a beautiful deck that can be restored to its original luster!

Pressure Washing

No finish will last long if it’s applied to a dirty surface. Pressure washing your deck is likely one of the single most important steps we take to prep your deck during the restoration process. Professional pressure washing safely removes dirt, mold, and mildew. It also removes many types of stain and discoloration while safely stripping old, peeling paint or finishes. It also opens the wood pores allowing deep penetration of the deck stain or finish.

Sand, Scrape, Wire Brush

We begin the process with proper preparations for the new finish. We wire brush, scrape and sand the old finish to to prepare for the new staining/painting and final finish. The old stains and paint are removed from the material. Additionally all loose failing paint and stain is removed.

Old Non-Repairable Material is Replaced

We remove any boards, railing and stair material which are not repairable, and we replace it with new material prior to staining or painting of your deck.

We Select the Right Deck Stain or Paint

Selecting the right deck paint or stain is essential for a long lasting finished product. Material that can be restored back to a its original luster, a transparent stain or semi-transparent stain can preserve and protect your wood, while still retaining the material’s natural look. A Solid Body stain may sometimes fit the solution as well. Solid stains preserve, protect and treat the wood, while “flooding” all of the imperfections with a solid color, resulting in a beautiful finished product.

To get the most out of your deck, regular maintenance is required.

We pride ourselves on getting the deck restoration done right following these guidelines:

Removing old Paint and Stain
Deck paint and deck stain in Prescott can take a beating, let Mile High Painting LLC restore your deck back to its original glory, we start by sanding, scraping and wire brushing away all of your old, loose failing paint or stain.

Choosing the right material
Selecting the right deck paint or stain is essential for a long lasting finished product that will last you for years to come. For the wood that can be restored back to a level that looks appealing, a transparent stain or semi transparent stain can preserve/ protect and still retain the natural looking beauty.

When your deck wood has passed that level a Solid Body Stain is a more practical solution, this product will preserve, protect and treat the wood while “flooding” all of the imperfections with a solid color for a beautiful finished product.

Whichever product you choose, Mile High Painting LLC is your Deck Restoration Specialist! We specialize in paint removal, deck repair, deck cleaning, deck painting and deck staining. We’re not just a house painter, Contact us today for a free estimate.