Many home builders use drywall as the preferred material to create walls for the home. While this material is generally sturdy and easy to work with, it can be damaged due to a number of factors. Many of these causes are out of your control. Here are some of the common causes of drywall damage:

Leaks – Your roof, windows and doors are designed to keep the elements outside where they belong. However, if any of these aspects of your home are damaged, the water can leak inside, causing damage to your drywall. You will begin to notice dark spots as well as wetness, telling you a bigger problem is on the horizon.

Impacts – Impacts are a more common cause of drywall damge. Perhaps you didn’t use a door stopper and the door was opened too quickly, causing a hole where the doorknob hit the wall. Or maybe your kids were rough housing and kicked the wall with just the right amount of force. Furniture can also cause damage to your walls if you aren’t careful. For minor scratches, interior painting can resolve the issue.

Foundation Settling – While foundations are meant to hold up the house, there are a number of reasons why your foundation may settle. This can cause cracks, blemishes and other damage to your drywall. Mile High Painting can help you determine if a new paint job is enough to remedy the unsightly cracks or if you need more extensive repairs.

Termites – No one likes the idea of termites invading their homes. However, when they do, they can cause damage that impacts the integrity of your walls as well. If you notice any signs of these pests, you need to make two calls: your pest control company to get rid of them as quickly as possible, as well as Mile High Painting to take of the remaining drywall issues.

Mile High Painting LLC is your Prescott Interior Drywall Repair Specialist

Many things can contribute to dry wall damage. Water leaks, moving furniture, door knobs or good ole rambunctious children can wreak havoc on your interior drywall. No worries, thats why we’re here! We can help all those problems seem like they never happened.

During our interior painting process we repair any holes in the drywall, any dinged corners, rough/ missing texturing and any other eyesores that will affect your finished product.

We are your experts in drywall repair, we can patch any hole, “Float out” any imperfection and match any texturing. Your walls will be as good as new!