Unprotected stucco walls allow moisture to seep in and cause damage that could potentially cost you much more than you intended. When water penetrates your old stucco and becomes trapped between the outer stucco texture layer and the base stucco layer, it can freeze and expand. That can cause the texture stucco layer to fail, and your stucco layer could literally fall off.

Our skilled technicians start by pressure washing the entire stucco exterior of your home, removing all loose, failing material and any chalking off the old stucco surface.

We fill all cracks, crevices and holes then we scrape, wire brush, and sand all loose, failing wood and/or stucco.

Next we perform stucco repair and if necessary, repair and/or replace any wood trim, fascia, or doors. This ensures proper adhesion of the topcoat to the surface, which is repainted with premium topcoat materials that protect your home from ultraviolet rays and moisture.