Wood Siding
Paint & Repair

The key to durable, vibrant painted wood siding on your home is proper surface preparation. We always start by thoroughly pressure washing the entire exterior of your home to remove any old, loose, flaking and deteriorating paint that may interfere with your newly painted surface.

Wood repair is often necessary to obtain a clean, smooth look. You may need to any damaged or old wood trim, siding, and fascia. Ask your Mile High specialist in your free estimate about the extent of work that needs to be done. We seal all cracks, crevices and other protrusions in order to ensure a long lasting finished product.

Priming all raw surfaces is essential to ensure the proper adhesion of your final topcoat. The Priming process is essential to a clean, finished product.

Applying the topcoat is the final step in producing a properly prepared, sealed and primed wood-sided home. We use only 100% acrylic exterior paint and stains.